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The French Medical Center for Aesthetic Surgery collaborates with a highly qualified team of specialists practicing in France, and who travel frequently to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar since 1997, and who will take their work soon to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide patients with a quality treatment and constant follow-up.

About French Medical Center

French Medical Center - About UsMedicine and Aesthetic surgery witnessed parallel growth thanks to a better understanding of the aging process of the face and the body, of the fat metabolism and the development of skin elasticity over the years.

New medical techniques were discovered, allowing to treat the patient with simple injections to prevent the aging process or postpone surgical intervention.

New procedures are being developed, such as laser lipolysis and fractional lasers to improve skin retraction.
Surgery also advanced : today, lesions are treated very closely. Hence, fewer removal or big scars (with difficult and long recovery periods) are done in lifting, when it comes to the simple fact of correcting cheekbones or hollow cheeks.

Hair implants also progressed : for example, it is possible to implant hair without leaving a scar in the extraction region by using Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE) technique, or in other cases by using combined techniques.
The time of dogmas has long revolved: the same surgical technique is no longer done for all patients ; rather the adequate surgical technique adapted to the patient’s morphology is applied, giving pre-surgical consultation its importance: Listen, Understand the expectations and wishes of each patient, exam then proceed (or not).

A good surgeon is also one who uses all these techniques and associates them sometimes:

In this context, aesthetic medicine is unable to correct a sagging neck or skin excess on the eyelids. Only surgery may do that.

In parallel, some skin defaults (asperities, small scars, spots, fine wrinkles) can not be corrected but through a medical technique : peeling, dermabrasion or injection.

Our job is passionate when done within the norms of art !

Nicolas Majdalani